The Company

Slavonija Slad d.o.o. is the only malt house in Croatia established by the Belgian company Boortmalt. Located in Nova Gradiška since 1997, from its first day it’s been enriched with a century-old Belgian craft experience. And if you’ve ever tried Belgian craft beer, you’ll surely tell that we know our stuff.
Our brand-new plant is now state-of-the-art by European standards:

  • Careful and systematic quality management (ISO 9001: 200)
  • Special care for product health and traceability to each barn and production site (HACCP)
  • Environmental and corporate responsibility (ISO 14001: 2004)
  • Energy management system (50001:2011)

Meet the:  Badass Team

With our malt, you can really get a product that you envisioned.

Masters of Craft Malt,
Lovers of Craft Beer

We have the right people who keep things around here up and running – the ones who keep this story a successful one. Our BADASS TEAM are the ones who simply live for their projects – or like The old rock gods, The Kinks would say: All day and All of the Night!

Masters of Craft Malt,
Lovers of Craft Beer

They wake up with their projects in the morning – they take them to bed in the evening. (Yes, they obviously believe in abstinence, but who are we to judge?) If ever sleeping, they dream only one dream – BADASS MALT to reach every Craft brewer in Croatia. Simply put, 24/7 is for kids, our BADASS TEAM is active 25/8.

Each member of the BADASS TEAM is beautiful inside and out: talented, creative, always curious and literally sparking with the new ideas. Still, as a Team, they are much more: they create the whole new quality and the whole new level of strong values, which makes them BADASS invincible!

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