The Process

We are interested in producing only the best and most authentic –
and if you want to be this way, you just need to be BADASS.


Malt is made from germinated cereal grain, usually barley, that has been dried. This transformation process is known as malting. Malt contains a complex mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and other components that are required for fermentation.

As soon as barley falls asleep after reading about the malting, we start our bootcamp and the first step of transformation process: we throw it into the water, yep, just like that, no questions asked. Sink or swim, that’s how our drill for perfect malt starts.

Process called Germination is pretty much a self- explanatory word that derives from endless rave parties in Germany, it rewards the barley with hours and hours of socialising, dancing, grinding and mingling, until they all develop rootlets and shoots.

Toughest step in a transformation process that includes drying the barley in some damn hot air, and when we say hot, we mean really, really freakin’ hot. Depending on the temperature level and length of time, we are left with a wide variety of malts with different flavors and colors, to create the unique brew you’re looking for.